Let's Cook!

Garrett’s customized hands-on culinary trainings
engage his client’s staff as they learn new recipes
and techniques designed to meet targeted menu

Let's Create!

Whether for consumers or quantity foodservice
operations, Garrett follows the latest culinary
trends to develop recipes that work.

Let's Talk

Where there is a food and nutrition story to tell,
Garrett can help as a subject matter expert by
sharing key messages through cooking
demonstrations, continuing education
sessions, webinars, or on camera.


As a chef and registered dietitian nutritionist

I bring a unique perspective to food, nutrition and culinary projects.  I work to bring flavorful, healthful food to families, schools, and foodservice menus through recipe development and hands-on training services.  We begin with your ideas and create objectives that get you the results you’re looking for.  I will help you go from conceptualization to implementation, or anywhere in between.  Let’s work together to make healthy delicious.


Culinary Training

garrett berdan research chef

Garrett trains professional cooks through hands-on culinary workshops customized to meet his client’s needs.  Participants leave feeling confident with their new knowledge and skills.

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Recipe Development

garrett berdan chef

It is important that recipes work.  Garrett develops recipes for consumers, school meal programs, and foodservice menus that are tested and tasted for great results every time.

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Let’s make healthy delicious!
garrett berdan


"Garrett is a great asset to our organization. We’ve worked with Garrett as a consultant for conferences and speaking opportunities and he also serves on our food allergy advisory council. I really value his nutrition and culinary knowledge, connections and engaging personality. He’s also reliable and flexible. Any time you work with Garrett, you know you’re going to get a valuable result."

− Lauren Highfill Williams, Marketing & Communications Manager, National Peanut Board

"Garrett combines nutrition knowledge and stellar culinary skills to create school foodservice-friendly recipes that inspire and delight! We’re thrilled with the recipes he’s developed to showcase Oregon’s state fruit on school breakfast and lunch menus. We highly recommend working with Garrett to increase the flavor, appeal, and originality of school meals."

− Brittany Wilmes, Communications Manager, Pear Bureau Northwest

"Garrett Berdan is a terrific food and nutrition resource. The Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service has relied on his extensive knowledge and industry experience, especially as it applies to school menu planning. We have tapped his many capabilities– recipe development, nutrient analysis, industry representation and expert commentary–and we've been very satisfied with his solid and creative content, as well as his timeliness and professionalism."

− Mark Miller, Promotion Director, Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service

"Garrett’s love for life and good food is contagious. His presentations captivate and motivate people from all backgrounds. He’s not intimidating, but inspiring. After working with Garrett, you just can’t wait to go home and cook a tasty, healthy meal then share it with family and friends."

− Anne Goetze, RD, LD, Director, Nutrition Education Services/Oregon Dairy Council

"Thanks to Garrett we have seen the culinary skills of our staff advance, the quality of our meals improve, and the number of students participating in our program grow. Thank you Garrett."

− Terry Cashman, Assistant Director of Operations, Bend LaPine Schools

"Garrett’s unique combination of culinary skills and nutritional knowledge helped him craft a series of highly successful, original recipes for our visitors at the 2010 Oregon State Fair. Rich in nutrients, high in taste, and infused with dairy foods, the recipes “flew off the racks” during the Fair’s 11-day run—some 30,000 recipe cards in all. He is a great resource for originality and style."

− Pete Kent, Executive Director, Oregon Dairy Products Commission

"When it comes to writing great recipes, Garrett gives careful consideration to the target audience. Their income and reading level, cooking ability, time and food sources are all taken into account."

− Connie Moore, Creative Director, Oregon Dairy Products Commission